Faculty of Applied Learning - Work Related Learning and Enterprise (WRLE)

Work related Learning and Enterprise (WRLE)

There are four strands to Work Related Learning and Enterprise education:

1) Learning about work

2) Learning for work

3) Learning through work

4) Developing skills for enterprise and employability

 Our definition of Enterprise is:

'the ability to handle uncertainty and respond positively to change, to create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, to make responsible risk/ reward assessments and act upon them in one's personal and working life.'

 The key objectives for WRLE are:

1) To raise levels of attainment through high quality work related learning for all students

2) To promote greater awareness for students about the world of work, the development of key skills and employability

3) To promote awareness and understanding of work, industry, the economy and community

4) To relate skills, attitudes, concepts and knowledge learned in college to applications in the wider world

5) To develop students' personal and social skills in a range of contexts

6) To improve employability through work related learning

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