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Work Experience

Work experience provides an opportunity to promote the values and attitudes which serve the needs of business and the local community. These opportunities help young people mature and develop their career choices and are becoming increasingly rare. At Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy we are committed to providing some form of work experience for our students in Key Stage Four OR Five.

Through work experience we aim to:

1) Improve educational standards by using contexts that improve motivation and attainment for all pupils.

2) Ensure that pupils have access to a work experience placement which is appropriate to their longer term aspirations and needs.

3) Improve pupils understanding of the world of work and its demands.

4) Increase access and choice for all pupils.

5) Improve the transition of pupils from school to adult and working life.

6) Relate work experience to qualifications

7) Ensure that every placement is appropriate and meets all Health and Safety and legal guidance, including safeguarding children.

As an academy we reviewed our work experience provision for students in the light of the Wolfe Report. After considering this and the impact of raising of the participation age we have changed our traditional work experience model.

It has been decided that students will complete a work experience placement post-16 rather than Key Stage Four. These placements will be tailored to the course the student is following and tie in with their future plans and aspirations. Students will also be able to carry out a wider variety of tasks due to their age.

Placements generally require that students work the hours of full-time employees although no payment can be made to the student. However some students who undertake a placement as part of enrichment may only do half days. For Health and Safety reasons, students cannot work on a weekend or after 6pm unless special permission is given. As part of their work experience, students are required to complete a range of documentation.

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