Welcome to Rural

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Hemsworth Academy has seen many changes over the years but one part of the site has remained the same since the 1960's; Our Rural Science Unit.

Over these years many students from HACA and the surrounding areas, have visited and taken part in activities based on our farm. Rural is open every lunch time and after the school day for students to get actively involved in caring for our animals, growing plants / vegetables and collecting and cleaning eggs which are then sold on our local market. All money raised goes back in to Rural to keep this marvellous unit open. 

We are delighted to be able to offer awards at HACA and other schools in BTEC Land Based Studies; Entry Level and Level 1 as an alternative to the traditional GCSE route.

The course entails spending time at the Rural Unit, where students gain a knowledge and understanding of caring for small animals, farm animals, plants, and crops.


As a part of this, students put together a portfolio of their work alongside a qualified teacher, who specialises in this subject, and also a Rural Science Technician will be on hand throughout the practical aspect of the provision.

We are also looking forward to be able to invite practitioners to book the Rural Unit as a part of their own curriculum teaching and learning tools. Details of this new prospect can be attained by emailing