Our Library



Our Library is located at the heart of the Academy. It provides a rich resource of fiction and non-fiction books for students and staff to use. Each year group has a specific Library day set aside, when students can borrow and return reading material. Not only do we have a wide selection of reading texts, we also have a selection of DVDs that students can use to complement their learning. Our Library further benefits from newly added soft seating; this creates a more relaxed and nurturing environment for reading.

The library system can be accessed from home and within the Academy, where books and other resources can be browsed and searched.

This year we have introduced Library lessons at Key Stage 3. This forms part of students’ weekly literacy lessons, delivered by staff in the English department. Literacy lessons promote classroom-based quiet reading and are combined with 30minutes of intensive skills-based literacy work. Every 3-4 weeks classes spend a full lesson in the Library, with unlimited access to the reading materials on offer. Our aim is to promote an enjoyment of independent learning and build reading stamina.

Literacy Across the Curriculum 

The focus this time around will be Technology. See Latest News for spellings. 

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We are fortunate enough to have a school Librarian who is able to recommend books to students. In addition, we have a team of dedicated Student Librarians who help to maintain the Library.


Foster a love of reading in students.
Encourage wider reading across the school.
Promote independent research skills.
Create an enthusiasm in students for sharing and discussing stories.
Respond to student requests and build a Library which meets the needs of our students.
Bring books to life through author visits.


We run competitions throughout the year. Students can win themselves books to read and various other prizes. 

What our students say:-

“It’s nice to read in the library because it’s quiet”

“It’s much comfier reading there than in a normal classroom”

“It’s a good opportunity to do some quiet reading”