HACA gets involved with Student Volunteering Week

help the aged

24th February 2017

As part of the National Student Volunteering Week, HACA Student Council have run a series of events this week.

In addition to raising awareness about people in need through a Reflections video made by students and Mr Rankin, collecting donations for local food bank and homeless soup kitchen; students hosted visitors from Age UK and Hemsworth Water Park Care Home as part of their own charity drive: 'Hemsworth Helping Hand'

Employees, volunteers and clients from the two places had tea and cakes and good chat with students and teachers.

The volunteers talked to the students about the experience and how it helps those who are lonely keep in touch and feel less isolated. They also talked about volunteering is beneficial to themselves as volunteers giving a sense of purpose reward, and fun!

The elderly visitors who use the charity and the residents of the care home were relaxed and chatty and clearly enjoying the time out. All the visitors said how important it was to make sure different generations interact and how heart warming it had been to share stories and visit the school. They talked about how the support from the charity and the home were an enormous source of well being

Some visitors had attended the school in the past, some had played sport here as a youngster and some knew some of our staff from the community. All said how polite and respectful, interesting and interested our students were

A real success!

Pictured above is Grace who is 103 years old!



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