Modern Foreign Languages

Modern Foreign Languages


Mrs Crosby                               Curriculum Leader and Teacher of French

Mr Murray                                 Teacher of French

Ms Sykes                                 Teacher of French

Miss Speechly                          Teacher of French

Mr Cross                                   Teacher of Spanish and French           

Mr Laurent                                 Teacher of Music and French

Mrs Lunn                                   Teacher of Dance and French


The Modern Languages Department at Hemsworth fully supports the academy’s overall aim of raising standards of literacy, oracy and numeracy amongst our students. Staff within the department firmly believe that language learning has an important contribution to make to standards of oracy and are committed to enabling students to gain the skills they need to express themselves with confidence and vocalise their ideas appropriately. As well as the ability to communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures we aim to develop within our learners a range of practical skills and strategies that are transferable across the curriculum and into the wider world of work and further study. Lifelong learning is at the heart of our teaching philosophy, alongside the desire to provide an   enjoyable and stimulating experience at a level appropriate to the individual.  

Courses offered.

In the Autumn term of Year 7, students are taught a skill based language course in mixed ability tutor groups. At Christmas students are placed into sets, according to ability and have two single lessons per week. Whilst most Students are taught French, some will be taught Spanish.

In Year 8, students are taught French or Spanish in sets according to ability. Year 8 students currently have 2 single lessons per week.

In Year 9 students continue to be taught French or Spanish in sets according to ability and have 3 lessons per week.

At Key Stage 4, students are again taught in sets according to ability. French and Spanish are both offered as single options at GCSE and students have 3 lessons per week. The AQA exam board is used: AQA French / Spanish GCSE

KS4 intervention to improve grades and outcomes is carried out periodically after each Data Capture point and / or completion of assessment and booster and revision classes are available in the run up to practice exams and the summer series of final exams in Year 11. These can also be organised by students negotiating booster and revision sessions directly with their class teacher.

Students wishing to study French or Spanish at post-16 will currently follow the AQA exam board course - Click Here. Post-16 provision allows for 6 language lessons per week and an additional individual timetabled lesson with the Foreign Languages Assistant, where feasible.

In MFL we also contribute widely across the age and ability range to the delivery of SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development) though our teaching of other cultures, traditions, festivals and values.


The Modern Languages department fully supports the Academy’s strive to reward positive behaviour, achievement and attainment. We celebrate in a number of ways, including the Academy scratch card system and staff regularly incorporate points friendly activities into their lessons in order for students to gain credits and positive referrals that can be exchanged through our Academy’s Sleuth rewards system.

The department fully understands the need to bring languages alive and aims to run languages trips abroad on an annual basis when possible. In May 2016 students engaged in yet another successful three day trip to Paris  This was a memorable and enjoyable trip for both staff and students alike and gave students the opportunity to practise the language in a real-life, real-time situation. They also enjoyed the sights of the city, with a visit to 56th floor of the Montparnasse Tower, picture taking at the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triumphe and gained an insight into the culture of the city by having a meal in a typical French restaurant in the famous Montmartre district.

The trip concluded with an exciting and fun-packed day in Disneyland, with students hopping from one park to the other half way through the day!

Similarly, students of Spanish took part in a week-long trip to Spain during October Half Term; the department has been able to offer since introducing Spanish into the curriculum. This is an exciting opportunity for students to visit Mijas and enjoy a “donkey ride” around the village, the famous Puerto de Banus, with the opportunity to explore the Port and shops, a trip to Granada, including a visit to the Alhambra Palace and an all day visit to a theme park.