Members Of The Mathematics Faculty

Mrs L Ravenscroft  Curriculum Leader

Miss B Hodgson      Assistant Curriculum Leader

Mr C Cheyne            Assistant Curriculum Leader and Year 7 Division Head

Miss C Thompson    Numeracy Coordinator

Mrs A Grayel             Associate Vice Principal

Mrs K Clifford           Assistant Principal

Mr G Fee                   Leader of New Technologies

Mr T Hilling-Smith   Teacher and Head of Year 9

Mr J Bale                     Teacher

Mr P Smith                 Teacher

Mr P Hewitt                Teacher

Mr J Allen                   Teacher

Mrs S Radford           Teacher

Mrs E Varley              Teacher

Mr T Haigh                  Teacher of mathematics and business

GCSE Results 2014 – 2015

A* - C: 60%

3 LOP: 58%

4 LOP: 25%


The ethos of the HACA Mathematics Faculty is to ensure that each student reaches their potential through positive behaviour for learning and engaging lessons. All students are encouraged to work to the best of their ability and contribute in a positive way towards the learning environment of their classroom.

Courses Offered

Year 7 – The pupils are placed by ability into 5 sets (in each division) and have four 50 minute lessons per week.

The pupils study the topics: Number Work, Data Handling, Geometry and Algebra.

Year 8 – The pupils are placed by ability into 4 sets (in each division) and have four 50 minute lessons per week.

The pupils study the topics: Algebra, Number, Shape and Space and Statistics & Probability.

Year 9 – The pupils taught in 4 sets (in each division) and have four 50 minute lessons per week.

The pupils study the topics listed above but start to focus on studying the GSCE scheme of work in preparation for their GCSE qualification. After their end of year test, pupils study a problem solving unit.

GCSE – As the two division merge into one the pupils are setted by ability into an A, B and Construction Band. In total there are 11 sets with 6 in the A band , 3 In the B band and 2 in C band. Pupils in key stage 5 have five 50 minute lessons per week.

Year 10 – The students continue to study similar topics taught through key stage 3 but they continue to transfer the skills they have learnt towards the new GCSE format. Students study the new GCSE specification achieving a numerical grade (1-9) at the end of year 11.

Year 11 –Students follow the linear programme of study at either foundation (OCR) or higher (Edexcel) tier.

Students will undertake several mocks thought the year to prepare the students for the final exam. 

A – Level Maths

Exam board: AQA

There is one group at A-level and they cover 3 units in each year.  All exams take place in May/June.

Year 12 – They will all study Core Pure 1 and Core Pure 2 and one applied unit which is Decision 1 or Mechanics 1.

Year 13 – They will continue the skills base with Core Pure 3 and 4 and further applied unit which is Statistics 1 or Decision 2.

A-Level Further Maths – There is one group at further maths.  The units which they cover can vary depending on the pupils needs.  Throughout the two years they must cover three of the further pure units along with 3 applied units.  The applied units have recently included Statistics (Year 12), Mechanics 2 (Year 13) and Decision 2 (Year 13). 

Current Year 11 Exam Board – Edexcel & OCR

As a faculty, we use Edexcel for higher and OCR for foundation students when it comes to each student’s year 11 final exam. All of the past exam papers (which we provide as classwork and homework) can be found on their websites should you need to access these:



Scheme Of Work Overviews


Year 9 Students Who Were Awarded Level 9 (Exceptional Performance) In Their End of Year exam:

Shona Fitzpatrick

Jack Walker

Excellence In Mathematics

As a department, classroom teachers nominate pupils from their classes in each year group who they feel deserve to receive the ‘Excellence In Maths’ Award. This initiative rewards pupils who consistently work hard in lessons and exceed their current or target level in departmental tests. If a pupil is chosen to receive the award, a picture is placed on the ‘Excellence In Maths’ board and they are given a Cineworld voucher.

Ellie Fox Current Year 8 Student 

“Over the last year, I’ve had great teachers and great opportunities that have pushed me to reach the best of my ability, such as the maths challenge. Honestly I’ve reached places I never thought I could, and I have to thank everyone that helped me for that!”

Stars Of The Week

Each week, a student from each class is selected for outstanding effort and a postcard is sent home in recognition of their hard work.

Extra Curricular

Year 11 GCSE Revision – Wednesday 2:45pm to 4:00pm in the mathematics block.

Other after school revision sessions will be arranged by your specific classroom teacher.

Websites Used In Mathematics

Links to useful maths websites used in the academy. All logins and information about the sites are provided by your class teacher: