The Humanities Faculty

Welcome to the Humanities Faculty – There are 3 subject areas which make up the Humanities Faculty; ABC, Geography and History.

Ms Kelly                Head of Faculty

Mr Walker              Head of History/C4L co-ordinator

Ms Wynne             Head of ABC

Ms Walker             Head of Geography

Ms Warwick           KS3 History co-ordinator

Mr Lewis               Teacher of History/Division Head

Ms Elmes             Teacher of History and ABC/Assistant HOY

Mr Fozzard           Teacher of History and PE

Mr Godfrey           Teacher of Geography/Assistant Principal

Ms Doughty          Teacher of Geography

Ms Hodgson         Teacher of Geography

Mr Taylor              Teacher of Geography


 A few years ago we changed the name of this subject from Religious Education to Attitudes, Beliefs and Cultures (ABC) to recognise the fact that we study non-religious viewpoints as well as religious ones. The subject is relevant for all: one of the main things that separate humans from other animals is our ability to hold attitudes and beliefs and belong to cultures.


In Geography at Hemsworth we aim to give pupils an awareness and an understanding of the world around them. We have chosen a variety of topics which aim to give pupils the chance to learn about and explore topical issues facing our world, from problems affecting our local community or events on a global scale. We encourage pupils to develop the skills to enquire independently and the tools to research and analyse what is happening in the world, to ask questions and draw their own conclusions. We believe that nearly everything we do involves connections with and between different places and processes, and encourage our students to make links between their own lives in the UK and those of others all over our planet.


In History at Hemsworth we aim to give our pupils the skills to ask and answer questions about the present day by engaging with the past.  History is a dynamic subject that focuses on teaching skills comprising of: analysis, empathy, extended writing, literacy, debate and discussion, developing a well-reasoned argument, independent learning, research, and many more!  We use a variety of teaching and learning skills to train pupils how to think and process information. It helps pupils to look beyond the obvious and to ask questions, and have a well-argued opinion. 

In Humanities we contribute to the delivery of SMSC. For more information on how this is delivered in Humanities click here