Getting it Right

For the Academy to improve the level of service it offers, it is important that all users have the opportunity to tell us when something works well or when we need to look again at an issue. The Academy welcomes complements and concerns. The Academy has produced a booklet entitled "Getting It Right". If you would like a copy please contact reception: 01977 624220..


HACA carries out a series of surveys over the course of the year ensuring a mixture of internal providers. The summary for each year group can be found by clicking on the appropriate link which will follow shortly.

Academy Communication

The Academy produces two magazines a year. This is posted out to parents in December and July each year. In the post out are other pieces of information such as calendar, uniform expectations etc.

At other times during the year, depending on which year group your child is in there will be selected communication home. This maybe about study support, exam timetables etc.

At least once a year each parent / carer will receive an interim report and a full report regarding progress in each subject.

· Depending on the Year group there will be at least 1 Parent / Carer session. This may be with subject teachers or an extended session with the form tutor.

· The Academy hosts a number of events throughout the year which are mainly information sessions. These include Open Evening, Post 16 choices, Post 16 Convention, Year 9 preferences and Year 6 Induction events.

· Information regarding the Academy is hosted on the Academy web site This site has news, calendar and by using the headings on the top and side bars enables most questions regarding Academy life to be answered.

· The reception is open from 08.00 to 4.45 Mon to Thursday, 4.30 on Friday. The main Academy number is 01977 624220. Fax number is 01977 624221. When the Academy / reception is closed calls are diverted to an answerphone. Email address is: When sending an email please put subject and the name of the person who the email is for in the header.

· When making a call to reception staff will try to put you in touch with the person you have asked to speak to. However it is not Academy policy for parents/ carers to speak directly with teaching staff. Pastoral leaders and members of the leadership Team are available to take your call.

· The Academy always tries to accommodate parents who come into the Academy to speak about a particular incident or require information. Visitors must always report to reception. If you require to speak to a particular member of staff it is advisable to make an appointment.

· Letters home. The Academy does send out a variety of letters home. These letters maybe regarding student progress, inform parents of trips and visits, positive referrals as well as setting dates for detentions etc. It is important that the Academy is informed of any change of address or parent contact details.

The Student Planner is an important way of communicating. The planner is used by students to record notes and homework as well as giving parents the opportunity to inform Academy re absence and need to leave the Academy early etc. Parents can also pass comments onto form tutors via the planner.

The Academy values the comments of parent / carers and undertakes a number of surveys throughout the course of the year. These surveys maybe in house or use external companies such as Kirkland Rowell. Over the coming year the Academy has a development target of improving the use of surveys and parent contact and more information will be available over the next term.

The Academy is looking constantly at ways to improve the level of service offered to all users. If you have any comments on how the communication between parent and college can be improved please contact the Academy with your suggestions.