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The Geography department is currently made up of five enthusiastic members of staff who teach right across the key stages from Year 7 through to Year 13. The department has a strong tradition of extra-curricular activities whose aim is focused on the enjoyment and greater understanding of the subject. In the last few years we have taken pupils to the Lake District, the Peak District and Naples, Italy. Within KS3 students will have the opportunity to investigate geographical issues and concepts in and outside the classroom, including enquiries around the school grounds and local area to further afield such as White Scar Caves and York. We believe that when Geography is experienced it is absorbed.

Subject Description

Subject Description

In Geography at Hemsworth we aim to give pupils an awareness and an understanding of the world around them. We have chosen a variety of topics which aim to give pupils the chance to learn about and explore topical issues facing our world, from problems affecting our local community or events on a global scale. We encourage pupils to develop the skills to enquire independently and the tools to research and analyse what is happening in the world, to ask questions and draw their own conclusions. We believe that nearly everything we do involves connections with and between different places and processes, and encourage our students to make links between their own lives in the UK and those of others all over our planet.

Department Facilities

Our Geography lessons are taught in four Geography classrooms within the three storey block, where we have projectors in each classroom, interactive whiteboards, ICT facilities and other 'hands on' resources. We also aim to make use of other facilities in school such as the hub, the library and the whole of the college site for outdoor fieldwork.

Curriculum Overview

All pupils study Geography throughout Key Stage 3. In year 7 and year 8, Geography is taught for 2 lessons each week to mixed ability groups and their performance during the years in Geography History and ABC determines the groups in which they are taught in Year 9. In Year 9, pupils are taught in banded groups. In year 10 Geography is an option for all students.

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

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