Primary School Links

Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy receives students from over 12 local primary schools including those outside of the district. 

The main feeder schools in the Hemsworth Pyramid are:

Bell Lane Academy, Ackworth

Fitzwilliam Primary School, Fitzwilliam

Grove Lea Primary, Hemsworth

Havercroft Academy, Havercroft

Kinsley Primary Academy, Kinsley

Ackworth Mill Dam, Ackworth

Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Ryhill

St. Helen's Primary Academy, Hemsworth

South Hiendley Junior, Infant and Early Years School, South Hiendley

West End Primary School, Hemsworth

HACA staff meet regularly with primary school staff to ensure that there is a good understanding of curriculum and on assisting a smooth transition. 

This webpage is designed to give a flavour of the types of work that is undertaken by HACA and its primary partners.

In May 2016 over 200 children attended our Multi-Skills Festival held at Hemsworth Arts & Community Academy. The winners were Year 1 Fitzwilliam Primary School and Year 2 Havercroft Academy. 


Collaborative projects within the Hemsworth Pyramid Community.

Spring 2016


Sponsored by HACA and working with Faceless drama company, Tags is a Creative Literacy and Heritage project designed to commemorate and document the lives lost, from local communities surrounding Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy during World War one. There are 300 names in total on war memorials in Hemsworth, South Hiendley, Ackworth, Ryhill, Havercroft and Fitzwilliam of men that lost their lives during the Great War 1914 -1918. 

The project was based upon primary school and year 7 students working together and creating replica dog tags and then producing creative writing in support of literacy. This ran from Feb to May 2016.  Students also designed a small art installation, that can be used by the schools involved to commemorate World War one. An extension project based around the design and production of a central structure, to bring the whole project together will take place and the structure will then  be placed in the local churches for the community to see.

Summer 2016

Creative Transition project

The transition programme working with year 5 children, is planned to take place each year in the summer term, with 2016 being the first year that it has been developed. This involves the creative team at the academy and some academy students working with the year 5 children in either drama or music project and then performing to the whole school and parents at the end of the morning or afternoon session. This is to help the children with their confidence and get to know some of the staff to help with a smooth transition to ‘big school’ and to show that they can get involved in music or drama projects that are fun.  

Another creative project planned for 2016/2017 is called Crate Stories

Crate Stories

A focus for literacy is Crate Stories. Each primary school will receive a brand new, unmarked wooden packing crate which will form the basis for developing story telling.

Packing crates are used throughout the world to transport goods, materials and food stuffs. They move from place to place and in a world of digital communication they are transported physically by land, sea and air. This gives schools ideal opportunities to develop stories based upon journeys through, for example:

  • Geography – where does the crate come from? What route does the crate take?
  • Diversity – what does the crate contain? Foodstuffs from another land? Textiles? Artifacts?
  • People – we will live in a world of migration and emigration. What personal effects are in the box? What do they say about their lives?
  • Homes and lives – boxes such as these are used by Disaster Agencies and contain everything needed to keep someone alive after a disaster. For some it becomes their home.


Schools could place items in the box and use as a focus on which to develop their own creative stories.


Each feeder school would receive their own packing crate. The project has been designed around Year 5 students taking part. Over the course of the year stories would be written and if required, the crate decorated. Completed work would be displayed on the crate.

In the summer term 2017 all crates would return to HACA were all schools taking part would be involved in a story writing and story-telling day.

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