This page contains information that may help you with a number of common problems or queries. If you feel this information has not answered fully your query, please contact the Academy on 01977 624220 or use the contacts form on the web site.

What happens if my child ...

Is late to school?
Students should be on site for 8.35am each working day and be ready for registration at 8.40am and the start of afternoon lessons start at 1.45p.m. Registers are now taken electroncially and it is important that students are present in the form room as a late mark or absence mark will generate a call via our attendance package to a nominated contact number to you the parent / carer.

If you know that your son / daughter is going to be late due to medical or other reason please contact the Academy and one of the office staff will ensure the reason is logged.

If your child is late then they should report to the student desk in Reception and sign in. Each Division or Year Group have their own signing sheet. After signing in the students should take a late slip and complete in their lesson. The late slip should be given to the form tutor at the next registration.

Lateness does create a number of problems for staff, parents and students. Where ever possible students should be in school on time and ready to take a full part in their lessons.

Needs to leave the Academy during the day?
If your child needs to leave school during the day a note should be put in the student planner explaining the reason or send in the medical appointment card and be signed by the form tutor or Division/Year staff. Students should then sign out in Reception in the correct Division/Year book. If your child returns to Academy the same day they should sign back in. Please note that any student who does not sign out or has no note will be treated as a truant and could be returned to Academy by either Academy staff, Education Welfare Officer or Police.

Wants to take part in an after school activity?
The Academy encourages all students to take a full and active part in the many and varied after school activities. Students must ensure that they have told their parent / carer that they are staying behind and at what time they are expected to arrive home. Students must ensure that they have sufficient bus fare or have arranged a lift. During the dark nights we encourage students to go home in pairs or as part of a group. If there is a problem with a lift or a bus then students should report to Reception which is open until 4.45 where help will be given. There is a late bus at 4 o'clock whcih will return students to Havercroft and Ryhill. Times, days of week and current fare can be found on 'Whats on for Students' section.

Wants to go home for lunch?
All students must stay on the Academy site and access the lunchtime facilities. All menus are produced in line with the latest Government guidelines and sample menus and prices are available on request. However if there are reasons for your child having to leave site they must speak to their Division Head. Any students who are caught in local shops, down the village etc will be issued a sanction.

Holidays in Term time?
The Government has made amendments to the Education Regulations 2006 which come into force on 1 September 2013. Leave of absence can no longer be granted during term time unless the application is made in advance, and in writing, by the parent/carer with whom the child resides and there are exceptional circumstances to justify the granting of leave. The Principal must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant this. Parents can be fined for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from the school. Failing to ensure regular attendance of a child of compulsory school age (5 – 16) and registered at a state school, or failure to ensure that a child excluded from school does not appear in a public place can result in the issue of a penalty notice. This costs £60 if paid within 28 days and £120 if paid within 42 days. Please see the college website under the Parents section ‘Letters home’ for a copy of the LA’s Fixed Penalty Notices Code of Conduct. Copies of this document are also kept at Reception.

Is placed on report?
Students are placed on report for a number of reasons and there are a number of reports on which they can be placed. Division and Year staff will place students on report to monitor behaviour, attitude or other specific reasons as a result of a referral from staff. This report is called a daily report and is given to the student at the begining of the day. It has to be completed by all teachers and shown and signed by the parent / carer before begin returned to Academy. Often this form of report is used to focus attention on specific issues students and after a period of monitoring students quickly come off report. However if students fail to make progress or the Division and Year staff feel they need to target specific aspects of behaviour or attitude a student can be placed on "Target Book". Targets are set at the begining of each week and students are awarded a score of 0 to 5 with 5 begining the highest score for each lesson. If students achieve their targets they recieve more points and points equate to rewards. Students are rewarded in a number of ways for meeting their targets and information received enables staff to support students in dealing with identified issues. If target book does not seem to making progress in retracking the student he or she may be moved onto Leadership Team Report. Students on Leadership Report are seen by a senior member of the college at the begining of the day and go through a series of reports based on red, amber and green. Intensive work is carried out on an one to one basis to guide students back onto the college expectations for work, behaviour and attitude. At all stages the parent /carer is involved and in many cases issues are quickly resolved and students back on track with all parties working together.

Students can also be placed on subject report to monitor work rate, behaviour, homework etc. In these cases students report to specific staff and are assisted in identifying causes for complaints and resolving issues.

Attendance report is used to monitor attendance or lateness of students who truant or are persistently late. These reports maybe used by the Education Welfare Officier in helping improve attendance of students.

Is rewarded for good work?
The Academy operates a rewards system based around points begin given by staff by a positive referral system. Students are also given points for attendance and meeting coursework deadlines and other targets. Weekly updated totals are given to students and they can, at prearranged times, exchange points for equipment or keep their points for an annual trip. Parent / carers can also receive positive referral letters from subject staff. These letters are logged on the students' record and help them gain additional points. At the Annual Awards Evening held in July of each year nominated students receive special awards.

Is not receiving enough homework?
It is an expectation that all subjects set homework except in certain subjects! The student planner contains a homework timetable and parent / carers can see at a glance which subjects and when homework is set and due. The amounts of homework vary from Year group and also the type can vary with the subject. If you feel your child is having difficulty completing homework as he / she does not fully understand the work then please the Academy and staff can be informed to give additional advice to students. Homework checks across year groups are carried out three times a year to ensure that the correct amount of homework is being set. If you wish to make any comments regarding homework please contact your child's Division or Year Head in the first instance.

Needs a bus pass?
There are a number of bus passes that a student can use. Some passes are issued as a result of where a child lives or on individual circumstances. These passes are free and entitle the holder to travel on special services. Other bus passes cost money but for an one off payment entitle the holder to half price travel. Pass details are available from Student Services. If a bus pass is misplaced, stolen or lost the academy is able to issue a short term replacement however Metro will require a £5.00 fee to produce a replacement card. Students should see Mr Green in Student Services who will issue a pass that lasts for 10 working days. During this time it is expected that a replacement pass will be sent for by the parent /carer. Students who deface or misuse passes can have them removed by the Academy, Metro or bus staff. Students who have passes removed will then be expected to pay for bus travel.
We highly recommend that all students aged 11 - 16 years have the appropriate half price card which serves both as a method of reducing transport costs but also an identity card. For further information regarding cards click here to be directed to the Metro site.
We have been notified that students living in the Barnsley area must have both South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire half price passes otherwise it could result in a higher fare being charged. 

What if my child needs some Careers Guidance and Education?
For information on how Careers Guidance and Education is delivered, please click here

What happens if ...

The Academy has to be closed?
There will be times when the Academy has to be closed due to bad weather or unsafe site conditions. In the case of snow and ice the Site manger will make a site inspection and will inform the Principal if the site is unsafe. If declared unsafe then messages will be posted on the Academy website, sent to Radio Ridings, Radio Aire and Radio Leeds. The information will also be sent to Wakefield Local Authority. If it is possible to get staff into Academy to man the telephones then calls can be made to the Academy confirming closure. If conditions are very bad a member of the site management team who lives locally will place a message on the answer phone. The decision to close the Academy site is never taken lightly but safety to students staff and all other users has to the number one priority.

I want to make a complaint about the school bus service?
If you have any concerns or are not happy with our school bus service and you wish to make a complaint, please click the following link - Click Here 

What is "Safeguarding"?
Under new legislation the Academy has put in place revised and improved procedures for vetting and checking on any one who works with or could come into contact with students at the Academy. Visitors who come to the Academy must sign in at reception and will be asked to formally identify themselves. Details of CRB checks will be also be logged. Only after carrying out these checks will the visitor then be allowed onto the Academy site. Anyone is not recognisable as being a member of the Academy staff and is not wearing one of the Academy visitors badges and is seen by Academy staff will be challenged and will be accompanied to reception or off the site. Students have also be asked to report to any Academy staff f they see any one they do not recognise. There are other aspects of stafe guarding that the Academy is developing and there are new pieces of legislation coming into operation later in 2010. The Academy website pages on Parents and Students will be updated accordingly. If you require further information regarding any aspect of safegaurding then please contact Ms Brannan on 01977 624220. 

Keeping your Child safe whilst on the internet.
Being safe whilst using the internet is important whether at home or on site. Click here for the current guidance regarding E-Safety. Click Here. This information will be regularly be updated and formally reviewed by Governors, September of each academic year

I would like information on my how my child is progressing at HACA
Student progress is assessed regular by subject teacher marking of work. At set times during the year formal Assessment Points (AP) are fixed. There are 3 AP's throughout the year. The information from these points are collated and as a parent / carer you will receive a summary copy of the data. The summary sheet will indicate progress being made towards end of year and end of Key Stage targets.
A simple colour code of is used:

Red - Off target by 2 sub levels
Amber - Off target by 1 sub level
Green - On target
Blue - Above target 

This information is used by Student Guidance and Curriculum Leaders to put in place any interventions needed to see regarding tracking f students. 
A formal written report is produced each year. This is written by each subject teacher and is collated via Form Teacher or Student Guidance Leader. 
Each year there is at least one opportunity for parent / carer to attend a meeting with subject teachers. All parents evening dates are published on the academy website and via Newsletters 


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