Extended Services

Extended Services

The Academy supports the principles of the Extended Services Programme and met the ‘Core Offer’ in September 2007 as part of the previous government’s agenda and even though the agenda has changed slightly with the current government, the Academy still offer support to students and their families in many ways, please see below:

Cherry Tree House

The Academy has a multi-agency centre on site known as Cherry Tree House.  A range of agencies use the facility including Connexions (Career service), The School Nurse and other agencies that are involved in the support of families.  There are two small conference rooms which can be booked.  One of the Learning Mentors is also based there. The aim of the facility is to provide a centre in which multi –agency ‘joined up thinking ‘can take place to help all students achieve their potential and overcome any barriers to learning.

In addition to this facility the new reception at the academy has a fresh welcoming feel with consultation rooms available, where parents/carers can speak to relevant members of staff in private.  The reception also houses the Education Attendance Officer and the Pyramid Safer Schools Police Liaison Officer.  There is also a new purpose built conference room housed there.

Learning Mentors

There are a number of Learning Mentors at the Academy which all help to support students across the Academy. The Mentors meet regularly with other mentors from across the South East Learning Community as part of a network, where they share good practice, gain training and learn about new initiatives.  As part of the training they are offered (as well as other staff members across the South East Learning Community) a series of workshops in relation to the Children’s Mental Health and wellbeing programme. The programme is co-ordinated by the South East Learning Community Extended Services advisor working closely with the Education Psychology Department.

Student Liaison Officers

These members of staff are also there to support and safeguard students and work closely with dedicated key stages. One of the SLOs is dedicated to Key Stage 3 and assists a smooth transition from primary to secondary education.

Extra- Curricular Activities

The Academy offers a wide range of free extra- curricular activities which take place at the Academy.  There are regular activities at lunch time and after school (please see the ‘What’s on offer for students’ in the parents’/carers’ section of the website or follow the link here

One of the activities that is on offer is the Dinner Party Project which also involves a parent/carer coming into school to enjoy a three course dinner which has been cooked by their child.  This has been very popular and it is a pleasure to see the students develop over the 8 weeks training period.  The Academy is now fully supporting this project, as the funding which was gained from Awards for all initially, has now lapsed.


The Rural Area at the Academy is a particular specialism to the Academy which most schools do not have on site, activities in animal care (including collecting eggs from the resident chickens) and gardening (the students are now selling plants on a regular basis on the local market and within the Academy to staff) are offered as extra- curricular activities.

As the Academy is an ‘Arts  and Community  Academy the performing arts  is a very important aspect of the Academy and offers lots of extra- curricular  activities around this subject for students, including the annual performances held at the Academy and different venues including the West Yorkshire Playhouse,  with all students  having the opportunity to be involved. There are also peripatetic music lessons available and the Academy has its own choir which has taken part in the Pontefract Music festival and other events. 

The faculty also offers outreach workshops to the primary feeder schools to develop and enrich learning in different ways. There are also lots of projects involving the primary schools, e.g. ‘CAST’ which is themed around the Tour de France and displays of students’ work will be displayed at the Hepworth Centre. See the News Section of the Website or follow the link here

There are also lots of sporting opportunities available for the students, with the purpose built Sports Centre (mentioned below) including football and rugby teams.  The Academy has also joined with the feeder primary schools to fund a Sports Co-ordinator who works across the pyramid with her expertise in Physical Education; this also enables the students to have continual quality provision in both the primary and secondary sector. There are also collaborative sports events organised.

There is also a summer school taking place most years to help with the transition from primary to secondary education.

The Academy also organises residential holidays to outdoor activity centres and trips, both in the UK and abroad to a range of places of interest including theatre and museum trips.  There is a residential trip to Kingswood outdoor activity centre each year for the new year 7 students to welcome them to the Academy and help them to gain confidence and make new friends in their new chapter of the their education.

Wakefield Children's University

The Academy joined the Wakefield Children’s University in March 2012, along with some its feeder schools. The project is a nationally recognised organisation and has grown from strength to strength at the Academy.  The passports are allocated free to students in year 7 who want to participate.  They can collect stamps/hours in their passport for attending any extra- curricular activity outside of Academy hours (including clubs based at the Academy).

Certificates are gained for accumulating hours as follows:

30 hours – Bronze

65 hours – Silver

100 hours – Gold

The silver and bronze certificates are presented in special assemblies. The students that achieve the gold award are presented with their award at a special presentation at Wakefield Theatre each summer.

Please see the link to the Wakefield Children’s university with validated activities/centres where students can receive stamps/hours in their passport. www.wakefield.ac.uk/childrensuniversity

The Academy Rewards Scheme also supports students; they are awarded points for their attendance, achievement, behaviour etc., which enables them to purchase stationery etc. or to save points for an end of year trip to a theme park.

The end of year 11 Prom is also a celebration event for the students at the end of their key stage 4 education. The students  help to organise and raise funds for their Prom by holding coffee mornings for the staff at the Academy.

Volunteering in the Community

Students at the Academy have the opportunity and are encouraged  to volunteer and get involved in the community in all different ways, one of the ways which has been particularly successful is students helping at the Riding for the Disabled Association,  which is both beneficial for the students and the association.

Adult Education.

The Academy offers a range of courses through the Wakefield Adult Education programme which can include family learning courses to help to support your child in their education and also include some in house community courses. Please contact Mrs J Hopes for further information - 01977 624220 ext:345

Sports Centre

The Sports Centre, which is part of the Academy campus, is open to the general public 7 days a week at certain times.  There are extensive indoor and outdoor facilities ranging from full size multi pitch all weather synthetic playing surface, gymnasium, sports hall and fitness suite. A large number of activities are catered for including holiday clubs for children.  Please see the Sports Centre section on the website or follow the link here

Post 16 Education

The Post-16 centre is located on the Academy campus.  Post 16 at Hemsworth is in the top 15% in the country for A level performance (ALPS) - It is a modern and supportive learning environment for young people and boasts excellent physical resources.  Please see the Post 16 section or follow the link here

Wakefield South East Training and Enterprise Centre

The Centre, which is on the South Kirkby Business Site, is set up in a unique way as a partnership with Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy, Minsthorpe Community College and Oakfield Park Special School as a Ltd company and Trust. The centre includes Beauty and Hair Salons; Wet and Dry Construction Training Rooms; Working and Training Kitchen; Café; 90 Work-Station ICT Auditorium; Training Rooms.  Students have the opportunity to use these facilities in some of the vocational training pathways.  Please the specific area on the website or follow the link here

Wakefield District Families information service

This is a service funded by the Local Authority that provides free information and support to families about a range of issues.

You can contact them free on 0800 587 8042

Email: fis@wakefield.gov.uk

or see their page on the Wakefield Council Website then click on supporting families.


E-mail: reception@hemsworthacademy.org Tel:01977 624220 Fax:01977 624221