Creative Arts - Dance

Dance Department  - Subject Aims:

Dance contributes to the overall education of our students enriching their experience by engaging in creativity and performance.

Through a varied programme of dance all students have the opportunity to develop their skills in performance, choreography and appreciation as well as the development of key skill including working well with other people, communication, problem solving and developing self-confidence and self-esteem, independent learning and citizenship.

The Dance curriculum will:

  • Develop physical competence and promote creative development
  • Teach students, through experience, to understand and value the benefits of participation and creativity whilst in attendance at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy and throughout life
  • Develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances across the areas of activity through improvisation, rehearsal, performance, evaluation, appreciation and assessment

Extra - Curricular Activity

The department prides itself on a range of extra-curricular clubs and activities on offer. Students of any age and ability are actively encouraged to participate. These include Dance Club and preparing for the main Academy productions.  

KS3 Subject Information

Year 7 Units of Learning:  This is delivered through the Combined Arts module based on Musicals focusing on “Grease” and “Bugsy Malone”

Year 8 Units of learning:  Revisiting Dance, Swansong and Urban Dance styles

Year 9 Units of Learning: Horror (delivered through the Combined Arts module), Chance Dance, Motif Development, Performance based on Bruce’s “Rooster” and Urban Dance 2.

KS4 Subject Information

BTEC Performing Arts  (with a Dance specialism)