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Creative Arts

HACA achieved Arts College status in 2000 and although the funding for the specialism has ceased we believe that the arts is so important to young people and the community, that on transition to academy status it was decided to keep this aspect of the curriculum the forefront of our work can boast. Achievement which very few other schools in West Yorkshire can boast. Testament to this is our success in gaining Arts Mark Gold for the 5th time. We are proud of this status and investment over the past decade has resulted in well equipped teaching spaces and experienced members of staff delivering a wide range of creative courses as well as contributing to other subjects through creative approaches.


At Key Stage 3 Art, Dance, Drama and Music are studied through either discrete or combined creative lessons.

At Key Stage 4 creative subjects can be studied either through GSCE or BTEC qualifications and all students are encouraged to take a creative subject as part of their broad and balanced curriculum.

In Creative Arts we also contribute to the delivery of SMSC. For more information on how this is delivered in Creative Arts click here 

At Key Stage 5 students can access a range of courses including Art, Music, Music Technology, Theatre Studies and Photography. 

A new Level 3 BTEC course in Performing Arts is being offered for first teaching in 2017. 

Extra Curricular

As a specialist centre we believe that the arts can make a strong contribution to the extra curricular programme of all students and through the course of a typical year the team put on a number of large scale shows as well as other opportunities for students to develop their talents including Band nights, Drama and performances. For details of these and other events which feature students from the academy please visit the calendar on this website.

There is a wide range of after hours activities such as band, choir, drama club, stage set and design, art and circus skills. For a current range of activities click here or visit what’s on for students.

The Academy actively seeks out opportunities for young people to perform not only on site but at other venues and share the students’ skills with the wider community. In recent years this has included National Drama Connections Programme. The Academy has good links with The Hepworth Wakefield, Wakefield Theatre Royal and YSP.

Peri Support lessons in Music

From September 2013 the creative team will be supplying some of the additional music lessons including keyboard, vocal and woodwind. This is alongside the provision supplied by the Wakefield Music Service which includes guitar, woodwind, percussion and brass. If you are interested in taking up a musical instrument or having vocal lessons please contact the Head of Music Mrs K Scott.

Creative Arts activities can also contribute to other academy projects such as Children’s University, Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme and Arts Award. The Faculty runs its own "Creative All Stars" reward scheme which celebrates students involvements in the Arts both in and outside the classroom. 

All students are encouraged to get involved either as participants or as members of an audience.

Creative Arts Facilities

Available for use within College. There are hire charges for some of the items listed. You will be informed of any hire costs associated with your enquiry:

300 seat Hall with flexible staging equipped with full sound and lighting rig

60 seat performance space with light and sound rig

Recording Studio for hire and copying facility

Mac Suite

Equipment hire

Instrument loan

Sound recording and camera equipment loan

Creative Technician support

For any aspect of the this work please contact Mr M Lee - 01977 624220.

Creative Arts Faculty

Teachers:      Music – Mrs Cox, Mrs Hammond, Mrs Hepworth, Mr Laurent, Mrs Scott,

                    Drama – Miss Aldous, Mr Bateson, Mr Boxall, Miss Somers

                    Dance – Mrs Lunn

                     Art - Mr Kelly, Ms Yeadon, Mr Foster

Combined Arts Programme

The Combined Arts Programme is studied for one term each year for each Key Stage 3 cohort. The programme of study works in rotation with Art, Dance, Drama and Music lessons.

Programme of Study

Year 7 Popular Musicals

Year 8 Television Advertisement

Year 9 Horror Films

Year 7

Students study two different musicals and explore the different types of art forms (Drama, Dance and Music) detailed in the particular musicals. Students recreate various dance genres from the musicals, sing and play songs and take part in script and improvisation work.

Year 8

Students study television advertisements and examine how the three art forms are used in a variety of ways within the media. Students create and record their own advertisements using all three art forms, focussing on the element of persuasive language and unique selling points.

Year 9

Students study the genre of Horror within the film industry and how the art forms are combined to create tension within film. Students create and star in their own Horror film which culminates in a premiere style award event where all students’ films are shared.


The Combined Arts aims to:

Develop competence in performance and promote creative development.
Teach students, through experience, to understand and value the benefits of participation in creative activity whilst in attendance at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy and throughout life.
Develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances across the areas of activity through improvisation, rehearsal, performance, evaluation and assessment.

Combined Arts will also contribute towards:

The development of problem solving skills (e.g. by giving students the opportunity to devise, refine and create their own work).
The development of self esteem through the development of confidence in performance.
The development of inter-personal skills (e.g. by helping to be aware of their roles as members of teams and groups, and through taking into account other students thoughts and ideas.

Philosophies and Aims

The delivery of the Combined Arts programme at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy underpins and supports the whole Academy principles.

In particular:

All students have the right to grow into competent, confident and committed adults.
All students have the right to a good education and as common an experience of schooling as can be provided.
As a department we seek to avoid anything that deprives, divides or excludes any student from the opportunity to express themselves through the arts.
All staff seek to create educational partnerships with students, parents, governors, the community and the LEA.

With these values in mind we consider that the purpose of education at any level is not solely the cultivation of intellect alone, but the development of the whole person, the citizen.

Combined Arts will endeavour to show how the Art forms complement and support one another and allow pupils to explore specific themes, the world around them and to express themselves creatively.