Academy Transport & Bus Passes

Academy Transport

The Academy expects a high standard of behaviour from students who travel by bus to and from the Academy. The student planner has a page which outlines the Academy expectations. Any students who misbehave can, dependent upon the severity of the case expect either detention, inclusion, exclusion, a temporary ban from using a particular service or, ultimatley, a permanent ban from a particular service. Where the safety of the bus or passengers is involved, the Community Police Officer may become involved.

The standard of behaviour on our Academy bus services is generally regarded by the Bus Companies as excellent and the Academy will continue to work hard to ensure that this continues.

Bus Passes

There are a number of bus passes that a student can use. Some passes are issued as a result of where a child lives or on individual circumstances. These passes are free and entitle the holder to travel on special services. Other bus passes cost money but for an one off payment entitle the holder to half price travel. Pass details are available from Student Services. If a bus pass is misplaced, stolen or lost the academy is able to issue a short term replacement however Metro will require a £5.00 fee to produce a replacement card. Students should see Mr Green in Student Services who will issue a pass that lasts for 10 working days. During this time it is expected that a replacement pass will be sent for by the parent /carer. Students who deface or misuse passes can have them removed by the Academy, Metro or bus staff. Students who have passes removed will then be expected to pay for bus travel.
We highly recommend that all students aged 11 - 16 years have the appropriate half price card which serves both as a method of reducing transport costs but also an identity card. For further information regarding cards click here to be directed to the Metro site.
We have been notified that students living in the Barnsley area must have both South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire half price passes otherwise it could result in a higher fare being charged. 

Do you have a complaint?

If you have any concerns or are not happy with the school bus service you can have your say by clicking on the following link - Click Here