Behaviour and Introduction of C3

Good Behaviour

Good behaviour is recognised and rewarded with the following:


Sleuth Points

Positive Referral

Positive Postcard

Principals Commendation:

Theme Park trip, prom, year group reward activities.

We look forward to your continued support.

Introduction to C3. How does it work?

Students who make the wrong choices and completely disrupt the learning of others will follow the 'Choices For Learning' procedure:

Step 1 - 1st verbal warning, 2nd verbal warning

Step 2 - Departmental Action, Negative Referral, Detention

Step 3 - Sent to C3* room, C3 Negative referral, letter home, lunchtime or after school detention, PIP, Fixed Term exclusion, readmission agreement

C4 Leadership Interventions

Please Click Here to view our Behaviour and Exclusion Policy.

*C3 - A letter will go home to parents and a lunchtime detention will be set
If a student is sent to C3 a second time within the same half term, an after school detention will take place
If this happens for a third time, the student will go to Inclusion for 3 lessons
If there is a fourth occurrence, parents may be asked to come and collect their child
As a result of a fifth occurrence in any one half term, exclusion may follow.