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Welcome to ABC - Attitudes, Beliefs and Cultures (Formerly Religious Education)

A few years ago we changed the name of this subject from Religious Education to Attitudes, Beliefs and Cultures (ABC) to recognise the fact that we study non-religious viewpoints as well as religious ones. The subject is relevant for all: one of the main things that separate humans from other animals is our ability to hold attitudes and beliefs and belong to cultures.
In all there are three teachers who teach ABC lessons here at Hemsworth.


Subject Description

The department believes in enquiry-based learning. Lessons regularly involve Philosophy for Children (P4C) enquiries and increasingly 'Theatre of Learning' techniques in which students learn experientially by re-enacting religious ceremonies but have a full and crucial understanding that they are not involved in a religious activity. The thinking behind both of these styles of teaching underpins what we are trying to achieve in ABC lessons: young people should be encouraged to consider their own attitudes and beliefs as well as gaining an understanding of how people belonging to the world's great religions make sense of the various ultimate questions that face humans. Right from the start of Year 7, we believe our students are not too young or immature to consider…
· What is the purpose of life?
· What happens when we die?
· Is there a God?
· How should we treat other people?
These are questions without clearly agreed answers, but it is vital that young people consider them for themselves, learn about how other people answer them and are able to respond critically to the variety of answers that exist in the world.

Department Facilities

The vast majority of ABC lessons take place in three spacious classrooms, the bases of the three specialist teachers, each equipped with projectors and interactive whiteboards. Teachers make use of a wide range of resources from traditional textbooks to play-doh! 

Curriculum Overview

All pupils study ABC throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. ABC is taught for one lesson each week to mixed ability groups in years 8 - 11. 

Key Stage 3

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Key Stage 4

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