Attendance and Holidays taken in Term Time


Thank you for your continued support regarding attendance which was 93.8% in 2015/16. Please continue to ensure your son / daughter attends every day to support us in our aim of achieving over 95% in 2016/17. Contact will be made by Division/Year Heads, Attendance Leaders or the Attendance Officer should your child’s attendance give cause for concern.

From September 2015 the Government has changed the expectation regarding attendance. Any students whose attendance is 90% or below is a significant cause for concern. They will be classed as a Persistent Absentee. This means that the academy must intervene with any parents / students who are not achieving over 90%.

90% attendance = 19 days a year missed or a day of every 2 weeks.

You will be contacted and expected to address this issue if your child’s attendance is 90% or below. This may include a fine for failing to ensure regular attendance at school. 

There will be early intervention from the Academy and more communication with home if attendance becomes a concern.

Students will be identified as a Persistent Absentee during the year if they are absent for the following amounts of time:

Holidays in Term Time

The Government made amendments to the Education Regulations 2006 which came into force on 1 September 2013. Leave of absence can no longer be granted during term time unless the application is made in advance, in writing, by the parent / carer with whom the child resides and there are exceptional circumstances to justify the granting of leave. The Principal must be satisfied that the circumstances warrant this and attendance must be 95% or higher. Parents can be fined for taking their child on holiday during term time without consent from the school. This will happen if your child’s attendance is below 95% or will fall below 95% as a result of taking the holiday.
Failing to ensure regular attendance of a child of compulsory school age (5-16) and registered at a state school, or failure to ensure that a child excluded from school does not appear in a public place can result in the issue of a penalty notice. This costs £60 if paid within 28 days and £120 if paid within 42 days. For further information regarding penalty notices click here