All students have the right to equality of opportunity in Art and Design. The development of each and every individual is our primary aim. 


Art and Design contributes to the overall education of our students by helping them to lead full lives by engaging in purposeful creative activity.


Through a varied programme of Art and Design all students have the opportunity to develop their creative skills as well as the development of key skills including working well with other people, communication, problem solving and creativity, developing self confidence and self esteem, independent learning and citizenship.


The Art and Design programme will:

  • Develop creative competence and promote creative development.
  • Teach students, through experience, to understand and value the benefits of participation in creative activity whilst in attendance at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy and throughout life.
  • Develop an appreciation of skilful and creative performances across the areas of activity through observation, analysis, evaluation and assessment.


Art and Design will also contribute towards:

  • The development of problem solving skills (e.g. by giving students the opportunity to devise, refine and carry out their own creative work).
  • The development of self esteem through the development of creative confidence.
  • The development of inter-personal skills (e.g. by helping to be aware of their roles as individuals and members of groups, and through taking into account other students thoughts and ideas).


Long term, medium term and short term planning includes opportunities for students to develop skilful body management through planning, performing and evaluating in a wide range of different creative activities.


Objectives of the Art and Design Programme


  • Art and Design lessons should promote maximum enjoyment in order to motivate each individual towards personal success and to maximise their full potential in a range of creative activities.
  • Students will develop an appreciation of the benefits of developing good control and understanding of a wide variety of different techniques and media.
  • Students have opportunities for self expression.
  • Students experience elements of challenge in a range of activities.
  • Students will develop a range of creative skills in a variety of creative activities to include notions of perception, decision making, reviewing and modification.
  • Students have the opportunity for the development of social and communicative skills to foster and develop social relationships.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how to use creativity both during college life and in the future.
  • Students will develop the knowledge, skills and understanding that is required to plan, appreciate and evaluate creative activity.
  • All students will have equality of opportunity throughout their college career.


The Art and Design Department recognise the importance of:

  1. High standards in the attitudes and conduct of students.
  2. The necessity for liaison with feeder schools.
  3. Individual creativity as a tool for personal development. 


KS3 subject information:

Current year 7 schemes of work:

Year 7 foundation course covering the formal elements-(line, tone, pattern, colour, texture, shape, form)- through a variety of different activities including; print, painting and drawing, pencil and tonal work and 3D construction.


Current year 8 schemes of work:

‘Back to Basics’ -re visiting previous skills and techniques through a range of assessed activities.


Pop art-a look at the work of the early pop art pioneers through to modern day exponents.



Expressive portraits-creating portraits through a range of different techniques and materials, linking feelings and emotions to colour and descriptive language.


Current year 9 schemes of work:

Heroes and villains-creating large scale, mixed media pieces that combine text with image based on heroes and villains, both real and imagined.


Jon Burgerman-A lino based printing project based on the comic stylings of contemporary illustrator/artist, Jon Burgerman.


Marvel Heroes - Construction of 3D depicting popular Marvel Heroes. 


KS4 subject information:

The GCSE course is made up of two portfolio based coursework projects over years 10 and 11 which is worth 60% of the final grade. An external project is set by the exam board, AQA which is then taken from February to May of year 11including two ‘exam days’ off timetable where students have the opportunity to create, individual, large scale pieces to go into their portfolios.


KS5 subject information:

Students have the opportunity to take A levels in both Art and Design and Photography.

AS level year 12 is made up of one coursework project worth 60% of the final mark and an externally set exam worth 40%.

A2 level year 13 is made up of one coursework project which has to be accompanied by a written essay that underpins students coursework altogether worth 60% of the final mark and an externally set exam worth 40%



Philosophies and Aims


The delivery of Art and design at Hemsworth Arts and Community Academy underpins and supports the whole Academy principles.


In particular:

  1. All students have the right to grow into competent, confident and committed adults.
  2. All students have the right to a good education and as common an experience of schooling as can be provided.
  3. As a Department we seek to avoid anything that deprives, divides or excludes any student from the opportunity to a balanced programme of Art and Design.
  4. All staff seek to create educational partnerships with students, parents, governors, the community and the academy trust.


With these values in mind we consider that the purpose of education at any level is not solely the cultivation of intellect alone, but the development of the whole person, the citizen.  We feel that Art plays a crucial role in the development of the “whole student”.


Whilst  Art and Design makes its contribution primarily through creative activities it involves the individual physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and morally, thus assisting in the development of a rounded personality.


The Department’s interpretation and delivery of Art and Design is:

“In Art your best is good enough”